The Art of A.T. Johnson
social, political, and religious commentary
It's not the's the Message

  I don't paint flowers, landscapes, nudes. nor animals. Most, including children, can do better. My truth, however, may not be your truth. My focus is commentary, expressed on raw canvas stretched across a 1/4 inch piece of plywood. honesty as I view the world, has neither filters nor boundaries. My art is intended to shock and stimulate the gray matter so others can view the world in a fashion that stirs their sleeping consciousness. To offend others is to offend ones self. I cheer for the down trodden, the discriminated against, the ignored, the loveless, the poor, the hopeless and my soul has experienced the ugliness of the misguided discriminators. Love is the only thing that matters. And love of ones self is the pinnacle of truth as well as forgiveness. All pieces are acrylic on canvas.

My art belongs in your collection!